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Church of Christ the King: Information
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Parish Information

Location: 61 Lefroy Rd, Beaconsfield
Parish Priest: Fr Liam Keating SMA
Parish Secretary: Mrs Essie Clydesdale
Office hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 1.00pm

Contact Details

Parish Admin: 61 Lefroy Rd, Beaconsfield WA 6162
Telephone: +618 9335 1636
Fax: +618 9335 9025
Website Info:

Mass Times

Weekday Mass Times

Monday: 8.15am
Tuesday: 8.15am
Wednesday: 8.15am
Thursday: 8.15am
Friday: 8.15am

Weekend Mass Times

Saturday: Vigil 6.30pm
Sunday: 8.30am


Saturday: 5.30pm to 6.00pm

Wedding Information

The surrounding views and gardens of the Church provide an ideal location for wedding photographs and videos. The single aisle within the parish Church affords a traditional ceremony.

Call 9335 1636 during office hours of 9am to 1pm for more information.

View pictures of the outside of the Church

View pictures of the single aisle