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Church of Christ the King: Weddings
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Regulations for Marriages


Wedding bookings may be made via the Parish Office. Phone 93351636 during weekday mornings, to arrange a time to come in and sort out the details, and to fill in the paperwork.


The decoration of the Sanctuary area is the responsibility of all the couples getting married on any particular weekend. All couples must share the cost of the flowers. The officiating priest will give to each respective brides the contact details of the other brides so that common arrangements may be made with the florist of their choice.
Only one arrangement of flowers must be agreed upon for any particular weekend.
Flowers may only be removed from the church by the church cleaner, later in the week.
The placement and removal of pew bows are the responsibility of each couple for their own wedding.
Unusually large pew arrangements are absolutely forbidden.


Each couple may choose their own music after discussion with the priest.


Couples are advised of the need to be punctual for all appointments, and for the Rehearsal, and on the Wedding Day.
As well as Weddings, there may be other Church celebrations such as Baptisms, Evening Masses, and so on, so punctuality is esential.


The throwing of confetti, rice, or flowers is not permitted inside the Church, or in the Church grounds, and surrounding footpaths.

Sunday Weddings:

Marriages may be celebrated on Sundays between 1.00 pm and 5.00 pm.
Due to the number of Public Masses, it is not possible to celebrate a Nuptial Mass on a Sunday. This also applies to visiting priests.
Couples may fulfill their Sunday Mass obligations by celebrating the Vigil Mass on Saturday evening.

Visiting Priests:

The above regulations all still apply for the situation whereby the celebrant is a visiting priest.

Wedding Information

The surrounding views and gardens of the Church provide an ideal location for wedding photographs.
The single aisle within the parish Church affords a traditional ceremony.

Call 9335 1636 during office hours for more information.

View pictures of the outside of the Church

View pictures of the single aisle