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Front of Church of Christ the King showing detail of Rose window.
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In our Gospel Reading this weekend, Jesus assures us that ultimately all of us have a home to which to go, namely, our Father's house in Heaven. He even says that He has gone to prepare a place for us in that House. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, the One in Whom we can place our trust. This is a tremendous reason for hope. Because we believe these things we gather to praise God.

A Reflection for Mother's Day:

A Mother is someone who cares when others care less; someone who encourages when others ridicule; someone who defends when others condemn; someone with patience when others are impatient; someone who appreciates when others fail to notice; someone who gives security in a world of insecurity; someone who is accepting when others reject.
A Mother is a friend at all times, to cherish and protect because all her achievements will linger for generations.

Father Liam on Leave This Week:

During this coming week, Father Liam will be at Shoalwater for the Annual Priests Seminar. This means that the daily Mass will be a Communion Service, commencing at 8.15am

Thank You From Catholic Mission:

Catholic Mission thanks all parishioners for their support of their important overseas work training local priests and religious from poor and marginalised communities throughout the developing world.

Sacrament of Confirmation Mass:

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated in our Parish on Saturday 10 June, and Sunday 11 June.
Let us pray that God, in a special way, will bless all those who will be confirmed so that they may always remain faithful to Him.

First Communion for Confirmees:

First Communion will be celebrated in our Parish on Saturday 17 June, and on Sunday 18 June.
Let us pray that God, in a special way, will bless all those who will be receiving their First Holy Communion so that they may always live their lives close to Jesus.

Let Us Remember In Our Masses at Christ The King Church:

  • Sun: 8.30am: Lucia Fazioli, RIP; and pray for Enrico Laurella, RIP.
  • Sun: 10.00am: Nina Merendino, and Antonina Carcione, RIP.
  • Sun: 7.00pm: Parishioners intentions.
  • Weekday Masses: In the mornings on Monday to Friday.
  • Mon: 8.15am: Communion Service.
  • Tue: 8.15am: Communion Service.
  • Wed: 8.15am: Communion Service.
  • Thu: 8.15am: Communion Service.
  • Fri: 8.15am: Communion Service.
  • Sat Vigil: 6.30pm 20 May: May Francisco and Eliza da Silva, RIP.

Congratulations and Welcome to the Newly Baptised:

Piet Guido Capelli, son of Clinton and Jane.
Kayla Valentina Maria Codornui, daughter of Pablo and Belinda.

Forthcoming Weddings:

Not this week.

Recently Deceased:

Not this week.

Requiem Mass:

Not this week.

Prayers for the Sick:

Armando Correia, Father Rodney Williams, Moises de Abreu, Michele Sputore, Rosa Marie Santos, Jose Mendez, Johanna van der Mark, Loretta Fredericks, Michelle Babich, Mary Ward, Dominic O'Hagan, Meg Handcock, Joe Gauci, Len Ward, Fik Dedic, Maria de Felice, Joe Migro, Cono Micale, Carina Gorton, Giovanna Mariani, Charlie Foti, Cassie O'Brien, Pi Martinovich, John McGrath, Terry Correia, Bodhi Niblett, Geoff Liebeck.


Weekend Retreat on Mary:

This Retreat will be presented by Dr Pina Ford at the Newman Siena Centre next Saturday 20 May from 9.30am till 2.30pm.

Discovering Jesus in the New Testament:

Some central questions about the New Testament will be addressed by Paolo Sala at Newman Siena Centre on Tuesday 30 May - 27 June.
Examples are : Does the world need Jesus Christ? What did Jesus intend to do with His miracles and preaching? Why did He die?

Winter Prayer Day:

The Theme today is "Finding Healing and Hope in the New Universe Story"
Presented by Sister Dora Maguire RSJ at the Mary MacKillop Centre on Wednesday 14 June from 10am till 1pm.

Encountering Christ in the Second Half of Life:

The second half of life is a time when we are retiring or have retired from work. It is a time of opportunity, a time to look again at the shape and balance of our lives. Could this also be a time for spiritual transformation?
Talks and discussion with John Auer will take place at Newman Siena Centre in Doubleview on the Fridays of 19 May through to 23 June. Time is from 10am till 12.30pm.

Help For Good Living:

There will be a Reading Weekend with Margaret Malone SGS, at New Norcia from 2 to 4 June.
For bookings, contact Bernadette on 0429 919 000.

Rally for LIfe 2017:

This takes place at Parliament House in Perth at 6.45pm on Tuesday 23 May.
Since abortion was legalised in WA in 1998, 150,000 lives have been lost, and countless more impacted by their loss.
Come together in peace and solidarity on the steps of Parliament to remember those lost.
For more information, contact Respect Life Office on 9422 7999.

Australian Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of Mary MacKillop, 2017:

This pilgrimage on 8 to 18 November, has been prepared by the Sisters of Saint Joseph to help you enter more deeply into Mary and Julian's stories and spirituality. The opportunity for prayer and reflection is a significant part of the Pilgrimage which is led by a team of Sisters of Saint Joseph.
Participate in ten days of sharing a journey which will draw you more deeply into the story of the foundation of the Congregation by Julian Tension Wood and Mary MacKillop in Penola, and how their vision has unfolded.
For more information, prices, brochure and application form please call Sister Therese Leydon RSJ on 02 8912 4845 (Monday/Wednesday), or Sister Annie Bond RSJ 02 8912 4818.